A:  6.5" x 10" (on 8.5" x 11" paper)
B: 11" x 16.5" (on 13" x 19" paper)
To order:
Please email me the number and letter for size you wish to purchase along with your mailing address.
Then submit payment via your preferred platform (Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, etc)
Thank you for your support!
Lights, clouds, barbed wire
Baton Rouge, LA, 2024
Turkey, mirror, school bus
Lena, LA, 2023
Church, black sconce, white sconce
Port Hudson, LA, 2023
Private property, open window, leaves
Baton Rouge, LA, 2024
Flag, light, moss
Prairieville, LA, 2023
PVC cross, dismembered tree, cell towers
Baton Rouge, LA, 2024
Chuck's car, Dollar Tree, Live Crawfish
Baton Rouge, LA, 2022
Stars, concrete, shadows
Belle Rose, LA, 2022
Bees, tomb, church
near Bueche, LA, 2022
Invisible man, burned tree, sunset
Baton Rouge, LA, 2022
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